Elfin Photo Editor


Apply stunning effects to your pictures!


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Elfin Photo Editor is a photographic edition tool that will allow you to apply a lot of special effects of every kind to your images, in a easy, comfortable, and fast way!

The most basic function of the program will allow you to adjust the luminosity, saturation, brightness, or the contrast of a picture, in a way that will make the picture look that much better by highlighting only what you want to highlight in the picture.

Of course that is the most basic of what this application offers. At your disposal you will have dozens of effects from which you can fine tune your pictures. Adding color filters, artistic effects, distort the image, ect. All of this available to you by just one click!

Another possibility that is very interesting that you can do is apply small changes to a large group of images all at the same time! You will be able to rotate them, rename them, or even make them smaller!

Elfin Photo Editor is an excellent application to help those users that want to edit their photos without working complicated programs. With just a few clicks you can transform your images into beautiful photographs!
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